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Programmes You Can Choose

Citta Consultancy provides counseling, training, research and consultation on human behavior and change processes. We design programs to develop your human and social capital. Applying Scaffolding Services, our consultation and training target resolution of human problems, transformation of systemic cultures, and growth of your creative potentials. Each consultation and workshop is tailored to your specific needs. We provide initial assessment and follow up evaluations to assure the gains are enduring.

Community Assistance Programme

provides assessment and referral services, in-person and online counseling, care coordination, wellness workshops, community education, and awareness raising events. We assist community members in resolving psycho-social and interpersonal issues, and low level mental health problems that impact daily functioning. We cater to the specific needs of Myanmar people and are of global standards in our care and professionalism.

Employee Assistance Program

provides assessment and referral services, short-term in-person and online counseling, care coordination, support hotline counseling, customized wellness workshops and events, consultation and coaching to employees of organizations, and utilization reports to management of customer organizations. We assist employees in resolving psycho-social and interpersonal issues, and mental health problems that impact work productivity. Our EAP design programs for team and culture building, organizational development, workplace wellness, and career development. We cater to the specific needs of Myanmar workforce and are of global standards in our care and professionalism.

Student Support Services

provide assessment and referral services, in person counseling, care coordination, and wellness information sharing sessions on-site at the contracted schools. We assist students in resolving psycho-social and interpersonal issues, and low level mental health problems that impact daily functioning. We cater to the specific needs of Myanmar youth and are of global standards in our care and professionalism.

Khitthit Academy

provides workshops, training and conferences to educate and raise awareness on specific psychosocial intervention skills, and on social and emotional intelligence to solve human problems, transform systemic cultures, and grow the community’s creative potential. We bring together a panel of industry leaders and innovative thinkers at each conference so that you can get a wealth of knowledge and experience, discuss and exchange ideas, and inspire creativity within organizations. Seminars are designed as learning opportunities about the theory and application of human psychology in various contexts. Class Series and Certificate programs offer professional development opportunities. Khitthit Academy also offers online self-paced learning platform that makes personal and professional development courses in psychology available and accessible to people all over Myanmar. Extra-curricular learning programs supplement and enhance the development of children and youth. ‘

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Integrative Mental Health

delivers holistic mental health care in a non-stigmatizing, preventative, and community-based method through common and popular practices of psychoeducational workshops on holistic health and alternative mental health support, consultations with IMH experts, holistic and complementary mental health staff wellness programmes provided by employers, self-help workbook publications, expressive arts therapy, eco-therapy, somatic and movement therapy, aromatherapy, lifestyle coaching, and structured retreat stays at resorts within Myanmar. 

Citta Career Counseling

provides assessment, psychoeducation, empowerment, facilitation, guidance and coaching for the client toward a more fulfilling and healthy career path that would meet the various dimensions of wellness, particularly occupational, educational, financial, environmental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual. Designed to be short-term consultation, career counseling usually requires between 2 to 4 sessions, whereby thorough assessments are completed, results discussed, options are explored, strategic pathways to achieving the desired career that meet the person’s needs is identified, and necessary skills are taught.

Citta Educational Therapy

an intensive intervention program that empowers the person with the tools and accommodation strategies for their learning needs and/or their learning difficulties. Those with learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and emotional or behavioral problems that have interfered with learning will benefit from educational therapy. The therapeutic service is a structured program that is designed from evidence-informed interventions and practices, particularly the Self-regulation Strategy Development (SRSD) model, in educational therapy, and modified to fit the brief intervention model of 4 to 8 semi-weekly sessions. The objective of the educational therapy service is to assess, strategize, empower, facilitate, coach, scaffold, guide and advocate for the client toward more adaptive learning skills that would increase motivation, remedy learning differences, and meet their educational needs. The program will be delivered by Principal Consultant Daw Su Su Maung whenever she is in Myanmar, which is about every 2 months.

Citta Internship

a formal experiential learning program that builds the capacity of youth interested in gaining knowledge, skills and experience in the human services and social enterprise sector. We cater to the specific needs of Myanmar people and are diverse in our approach to seminars and training. Interns complete a 4 month program that ends with a capstone project and includes mentorship sessions, dyadic training, job shadowing, hands-on experiential projects, and knowledge sharing content development. We recruit 10 interns each batch. 

Research Center

conducts our own independent qualitative studies, literature research and thought leadership based on our areas of specialties and interests. We share our learnings and knowings through our white papers, newsletters and research reports. We often partner with organizations to research topics of significance to them.

Community Mental Health Initiative

Citta Consultancy provides free mental health and psychosocial support services to our community so that everyone can access help and wellness. Below are some of the programs we currently offer without charge:

  • “Trash Bin” Support group
  • Psychological Health Club (Music/Art/Journaling/Yoga)
  • Emotional Support Sessions
  • Knowledge Sharing Sessions
  • Webinars in collaboration with community partners and civil societies
  • Single Mother Support Group